What does your company do and how did the idea for this business start?

The idea to start an e-commerce business started firstly from the desire to bring high quality services and products to Kosovo and secondly, from the need that this market had, according to us, to improve. According to us, the e-commerce market in Kosovo had gaps and some services needed to be improved and we thought it reasonable that we could offer something better. The idea of this business is to provide customers in Kosovo with quality products, services and products from well-known brands. We currently sell electronic equipment – from household appliances, household appliances, personal care, audio-visual, telephones, etc.

What were the biggest challenges and how did you solve/overcome them?

The main challenge was to answer the question of how we could offer customers something different as the competition was great. In order to overcome this challenge, I think that the mentality of the team served us first. We have never seen anything as an obstacle but as an opportunity. As we said above, we had studied what could be done better and by solving this we brought something different. Things even went better than we expected as the website was very quickly liked by the users and was immediately visited by a large number of people.

What strategy do you use to market yourself as an e-commerce success story? What is your main focus?

Since day one, our main focus has been on our customers and the shopping experience on our website. So for the buyer to find the product he wanted, with the best quality, but also for the entire purchase process to be as comfortable as possible so that he would return to us and not need anything else. This is only part of the strategy as we also focus a lot on having the most efficient marketing strategy, the most attractive designs and try to follow the latest trends in both products and marketing.

What has been your impact on the e-commerce market? What are you most proud of?

We have now celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the opening of our e-commerce store and have made a significant change in the way our market is operated, offering fast delivery, quality products and good after-sales service.

Can you tell us about the team behind this success story? What are their values ​​and what keeps them motivated?

In our team there are 6 people who share positions between them from website management, creating marketing strategies to improve sales, design, social media strategies, etc.

We have very qualified people in our team, open-minded, hardworking, and who work every day so that our e-commerce store is represented in the Kosovo market in the best way.

We can say that we have here what we consider to be a highly motivated team. We are mostly motivated by our daily success and the idea that what we are doing is changing the way e-commerce stores operate in Kosovo.

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Did you know?

77% of online shoppers in Kosovo are buying clothes. (Eurostat)

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North Macedonia

Population 2072531
Population ages 16-64 1434451
Internet use 84%
Internet shoppers 40%
Currency Macedonian denar
GDP per capita, PPP 17015.23


Population 2837743
Population ages 16-64 1931355
Internet use 70% (2019)
Internet shoppers 10% (2019)
Currency Albanian lek
GDP per capita, PPP 13899.93


Population 6908224
Population ages 16-64 4530026
Internet use 79%
Internet shoppers 48%
Currency Serbian dinar
GDP per capita, PPP 19366.76


Population 1775378
Population ages 16-64 /
Internet use 97%
Internet shoppers 47%
Currency European euro
GDP per capita, PPP 11383.4

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Population 3280815
Population ages 16-64 2216576
Internet use 74%
Internet shoppers 38%
Currency Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
GDP per capita, PPP 15732.84


Population 2620495
Population ages 16-64 1876763
Internet use 76%
Internet shoppers 34%
Currency Moldovan leu
GDP per capita, PPP 12995.56


Population 621306
Population ages 16-64 411215
Internet use 79%
Internet shoppers 29%
Currency European euro
GDP per capita, PPP 20542.71

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